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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Epson Projector

After weeks of research, I decided on this projector.

It does what it says in the spec.
I am able to use it in a variety of venues for powerpoint... Read more

Published 1 day ago by Joyce Jackman


Better than I thoiught for the price - Bag recomended with it is not big enought to carry everything - thgat has been the only down-side - Great little portable machine

Published 9 days ago by P. Ronald

Great Projector

Easy to use & set up. Gives good cleare picture and easy to focus. Pity it does not come with the USB cable as that is needed to use the remote for forwarding powerpoint slides... Read more

Published 15 days ago by Mr. D. J. Logan


Great present for film buff - we are loving it and great price - no regrets highly recommended go for it

Published 24 days ago by bing

Easy to use

Simple to set up and use.
Really clear pictures. I especially like the "self-levelling" or keystone feature. Read more

Published 28 days ago by Lesley sanderson

Home cinema as I expected

Definitely worth buying, though the resolution is not as great as those fancy 500 pounds+. thinking of the reality that it"s good enough when I"m watching those dramas with 480p, i... Read more

Published 1 month ago by C. C.

Does everything it says it does.

I did a lot of research on projectors before I finally decided on this one. I teach art history classes during the evening so I wanted a projector I could attach to my Macbook pro... Read more

Published 1 month ago by Artur

Epson EB-202-2600 lumens SVGA projector

The projece works well although a little noisy but acceptable. I like the brilliance compared to my older much more expensive model by a different company.

Published 1 month ago by G. Rendall

Very good

I think it is very good I just bought it for watching DVDs and presentations on
I"ve had it about 3 weeks now and I"ve not had any problems with it the instruction manual is... Read more

Published 1 month ago by Reece O Gordon

Excellent, arrived on time.

This briallent. Good as expected
Very good for home cinema and use by a laptop or a PC. We used this for after school activities.

Published 1 month ago by S. Omer

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful

Keyboard projection11 Oct 2012

By writers cramp

Amazon Verified Purchase

This projector has exceeded all our expectations. It is used to display the keyboard of electronic orgnas during concerts at our organ club and the clarity, colour and sharpness has been comented on by many of our members. It is used in conjunction with a Sony video camera with a Zeiss lens. The ditance from the projector lens to the screen is about 2.5 meters and the picture is crisp and full of details. We lokk forward to many years of use.

26 of 28 people found the following review helpful

GREAT PIC 31 Aug 2012


Amazon Verified Purchase

i just wanted a projector to run tv through for football and movies.i just plugged in and wow great pic even in middle of day.this is a truely neat product.and i worked building lamps for a projector this you wont be sorry.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

Fantastic value for money 12 May 2013

By Eggbilly

Amazon Verified Purchase

Until now, I"ve used projectors that have been supplied by the venues I use, with varying results.

This one didn"t take any time to warm up and just worked, with one of the clearest displays I"ve experienced.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

Squeeky fan 27 Jan 2013

By Mr. Henry Stone

Amazon Verified Purchase

Great image, noisy on normal mode, much quieter on ECO mode without to much loss of brightness. Squeeky noise from fan, very iritating on a new machine

26 of 29 people found the following review helpful

Easy use, good viewing 25 Sep 2012

By tony wademan

Amazon Verified Purchase

Prompt delivery, good instructions , easy to set up and use. Used it to illustrate a talk in the village hall. Connected via USB to a laptop and projected onto the back wall of the stage. Good to view. Hope it will continue to be so.

32 of 36 people found the following review helpful



Amazon Verified Purchase

Right.... now i dont really reviews for expensive purchases, mainly because whenever i say something is fantastic it usually dies on me the next heres hoping for a change !

this is a great in proper daylight...i have around a 100 inch screen size with the projector around 10 foot away..picks up a signal as soon as you turn it on

i have my sky hd box connected via phono av cable.... my laptop via vga and both work perfect

at first i thought this was one of those pocket projectors ... but it isnt !! :)

i had an infocus x1 ( i think it was ) a few years ago and the picture i get on this is just as good ! and it cost 1/3 of the price !!

i guess the only gripe i had about this is that it only comes with a standard vga if you want to connect it to your blu-ray or sky box then you have to purchase seperate av cables etc....i think it also takes the same usb cable as a standard printer... still not too bad considering the price has dropped to 209 quid !!!

if you are after something simple and easy to use, with great qualities then this is for you!

EDIT : OK OK .. as i expected 24 hours on and i discover a fault ..DAMN IT !!! dead pixels....i didnt even know a projector could get dead pixels...damn damn damn...why cant companies test these things before giving the customer hassle..

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful

As long as expectations are realistic I would recommend this. 28 Mar 2013

By Keith Morris

Amazon Verified Purchase

That is five stars for value for money rather than a top of the range sort of comment. It is made of plastic, it is very light and the sound is poor. However for £200 odd it is really remarkable value with impressive images. It doesn"t compare to my local Odeon but it is great fun. I have not used it for long so I cannot comment on its reliability, I"m just hoping it will be as good as other Epson products I have purchased. To solve the sound problem I bought a lead to connect my laptop headphone socket into my Hi-Fi amplifier and with the projector connected to the laptop there is a massive improvement to the sound. The lead cost me under £2. I first looked to buy a projector like this about 15 years ago and I was looking at £2,000. This one has better quality pictures than that one and is a mere fraction of the cost. As long as expectations are realistic I would recommend this.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

Epson EB-202 2600 Lumens projector SVGA 26 Aug 2013

By eric, anderson wilson

Amazon Verified Purchase

We installed the new projector in our rural church, far sharper picture in a big open space as in a church than the previous one and does a lot more ie, adjusts up and down and also side to side we found out, no need for an obtrusive bracket, all good.

Product Description

Product Description

Epson EB–S02
Easy-to-use SVGA projector with 2,600 lumens for bright projections even in daylight Easy-to-use SVGA projector with 2,600 lumens for bright projections even in daylight

Affordable, easy-to-use, SVGA projector

If you're a first–time projector user or simply want a fuss–free SVGA projector that's easy-to-use, then the Epson EB–S02, packed with user–friendly smart features, is ideal.

The EB–S02 is equally at home in a meeting room and in your living room. This makes it a great choice if you're looking for a multi–purpose projector that's suitable for both watching movies and giving presentations. As the EB–S02 compact and lightweight, you have the flexibility of installing it on the ceiling, or using it as a mobile projector.

3-in-1 USB Display feature 3-in-1 USB Display feature


USB Display Function 3 in 1: Image / Mouse / Sound. Interfaces: S-Video in, Component in, VGA in, USB 2.0 Type B, USB 2.0 Type A, Cinch audio in, Composite in.

Speedy set–up

Plug in, connect one cable, and start. It's that simple. Thanks to Epson's unique features, setting–up couldn't be easier.

  • Direct power on/off: Once the projector is plugged in, it's on. No switch needed.
  • Instant on/instant off: You don't have to wait around for the EB–S02 to warm up or cool down. Start watching or presenting without delay, and pack up and go as soon as you're done.
  • 3–in–1 USB Display: You only need one cable for picture, sound and mouse control. Just connect a USB cable to your laptop or PC, plug the other end into the projector, and you're ready to start.
  • Automatic vertical keystone correction: Simply press the button, and the projector cleverly aligns the picture for you. No more fiddling around to get the picture straight.
  • Built–in speaker: Instant sound without any hassle.

Perfect picture – even with the lights on

Whether you want to watch films in the daytime, or present with the lights on so your audience can take notes, the EB–S02 is bright enough to handle it. With a White and Colour Light Output of 2,600 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, you'll enjoy perfect picture quality, natural–looking colours and excellent brightness.

Low running costs

You can use the EB–S02 for 5,000 hours in eco mode before you have to think about replacing the lamp. Saving you even more money, Epson's unique E–TORL lamp produces more light while using less energy than most other lamps.

 Digital Projector Colour Light Output (CLO)

Digital Projector Colour Light Output (CLO)

Epson had a bright idea -- measure the the colour light output (CLO) instead of just the white. High CLO means colours are up to 3 times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors, meaning you don’t need to worry about your presentation displaying dark, dull images -- with an Epson projector you’ll get maximum impact.

Colour is an important part of image quality, which is why a projector’s colour brightness, given in lumens, is important to know. If it’s not as high as the white brightness, images are duller and colours may appear washed out. Measure the brightness of the red, green and blue light and the resulting value is your Colour Brightness or Colour Light Output (CLO).

Digital projectors produce colour in different ways, resulting in big differences in colour brightness. Many manufacturers only quote the brightness in lumens of their projectors’ white light. This just shows how bright a projector is when showing a plain white image; it doesn’t give the full picture.

Why choose a 3LCD projector?

As the number one projector manufacturer in Europe1, Epson leads the market in the development of projector technology. Epson projectors use a 3LCD projection engine to deliver bright, clear images that are rich in detail and colour.

Bright pictures in daylight or with the lights on, as well as in the dark Bright pictures in daylight or with the lights on, as well as in the dark

Many other projectors use 1-chip DLP2 projector systems, which create thousands of pulses of coloured light per second. They do this by shining lamp light through red, green, blue and white3 parts of a rotating colour wheel. These light pulses are then reflected by a DMD4 device, which is on a hinge and has a tiny mirror for each pixel of the image.

The series of rapid colour bursts is then projected onto the screen. The viewer's brain can't pick out the individual flickers - it mixes the basic colours that appear in succession in each pixel to come up with the final colour the viewer sees.

Epson’s 3LCD system works differently, using a combination of dichroic mirrors to separate the white light from the projector lamp into red, green and blue light. Each of the three light colours is then passed through its own LCD panel and recombined using a prism before being projected onto the screen.

With 1-chip DLP technology, colour break-up or the ‘rainbow effect’ can sometimes be seen. This occurs when the eye perceives the individual colours, and is a result of the colours being projected sequentially by the colour wheel. Epson’s 3LCD technology avoids this by including all three basic colours in each pixel of the projection, delivering superior Colour Light Output that’s easier on the eyes.

Why choose E-TORL lamp technology?

Epson E-TORL lamps deliver exceptional brightness while using less energy. They do this by using a unique configuration of reflectors to capture light that can be lost with other models’ lamps. This improved efficiency means that Epson E-TORL lamps are good for both budgets and the environment

1. Source: Futuresource Consulting Limited, 2. DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated, 3. Some 1-chip DLP projectors do not contain white but contain other colours, 4. DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Epson Projector Comparison Table

Product Details
Product Details
Resolution SVGA, 800 x 600, 4:3 SVGA, 800 x 600, 4:3
Technology 3LCD 3LCD
Brightness 2,600 lumens Colour Light Output 2,600 lumens Colour Light Output
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1 3,000:1
Projection Ratio 1.45 - 1.96:1 1.45 - 1.96:1
Image Size 30 inches - 350 inches 30 inches - 350 inches
Lamp 200W E-TORL 200W E-TORL
Lamp life 4,000 hours (normal), 5,000 hours (eco mode) 4,000 hours (normal), 5,000 hours (eco mode)
Zoom Digital x1.35 Digital x1.35
Focus Manual Manual
Keystone Correction Auto vertical ±30° Auto vertical ±30°
Energy Use 270W (normal), 223W (eco), 0.47W (standby) 270W (normal), 223W (eco), 0.47W (standby)
Speaker 1W 2W
Inputs VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, USB B, RCA audio pair HDMI, VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, USB A, USB B, RCA audio pair
Carry Case Included No Yes

Box Contains

Remote Control
User Manual
Power cable
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